Four reasons that you MUST ask to see your Akron wedding photographer’s portfolio!

Gra Photography - Akron Wedding Photographer - Akron Ohio Wedding Photography

You may have heard the saying that you can’t judge a book by its cover, but when it comes to hiring an Akron wedding photographer, a solid portfolio is an absolute must. Here are four reasons why you need to ask your potential photographer about their portfolio.

Reason #1 – Get familiar with their style.

You’ve dreamed of getting married your entire life. While your actual wedding day may fly by faster than you could ever imagine, wedding photos stick around for a lifetime. Be sure that the person you choose to be your Akron wedding photographer has a consistent style that you absolutely LOVE. Whether it’s dark and moody, light and airy, or somewhere in between – what you see is typically what you get in terms of the photos that you’ll receive from your wedding day, so be sure that you like what you see!

Gra Photography - Akron Wedding Photographer - Akron Ohio Wedding Photography

Reason #2 – Styles change.

Over time, styles are bound to change. This may be due to trends, new technology (think the film era vs. digital images), new equipment, or just a photographer taking the time to hone in on certain skills. Whatever the reason for the change, it’s important to know that the portfolio you are looking at is current and consistent. One of the best ways to see if a photographer is consistent is by looking through their blog, as it is often the most updated part of their website. Make sure that their most recent images match exactly what you have envisioned for your wedding day.


Gra Photography - Akron Wedding Photographer - Akron Ohio Wedding Photography


Reason #3 – Weddings are hard!

Not only are weddings a make it or break it kind of event where you can’t exactly go back and ask for a do-over if something goes wrong, but there are a number of different environments involved where the photographer needs to be on the top of their game in order to create incredible images that you’ll cherish forever. When speaking with a potential Akron wedding photographer, find out how ninja-like they are with their camera and their plans to make the best out of any less than ideal lighting situations. Do they have a flash ready or do natural light only? Know the details before it comes down to the actual moment of taking the photos.


Tip: Be sure to look for photos within their portfolio that show weddings photographed indoors and outdoors, along with images from receptions where the lighting is often very dark. This will give you a good amount of insight as to how they handle tough environments and what your final product may look like.

Gra Photography - Akron Wedding Photographer - Akron Ohio Wedding Photography


Reason #4 – Can you take a raincheck?

If you anticipate any portion of your wedding possibly being held outside, be sure to ask your Akron wedding photographer what their plan is for rain. Do they immediately pull the photos inside or do they recommend bringing cute props and making the most of it? Know how they might handle a situation where it’s raining or snowing or less than picture perfect and be sure that you are okay with the response. It is Ohio, after all.

Gra Photography - Akron Wedding Photographer - Akron Ohio Wedding Photography


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