Mommy and Me || A Motherhood Session

Motherhood is hard. Like for real.

As a mother of three (two teenagers and a toddler tornado), I don’t honestly know how I get anything done. They all have wants and needs, and their’s are obviously more important than my own. I barely have time to use the bathroom alone, so don’t get me started on taking time for girls nights out, exercise, or hiding in closets with your cell phone as your only light source. So when Tessa came to me about wanting to do a motherhood session, I couldn’t say no. If you’ve read my self-love post, then you know I am all about loving on you. That includes the stages you go through. The ways your body changes, and most especially, celebrating the victories you have aquired.

Tessa’s body has taken a toll, but in the best possible way ever. She has grown and nurtured two babies in there. She has watched them grow, felt them kick, supplied them with warmth. They in turn have stretched her skin, given her scars, and on the rare occasion, they make her laugh so hard she can barely breathe. Her story of motherhood is written across her skin. She’s an amazing woman, because she wants to celebrate her postpartum body. Something I wish more women did. You absolutely should love yourself the way you are. That includes the dimples, the new boobs, the bigger feet, the thinner hair, all those gifts motherhood sends your way.

Plus, aren’t these images absolutely stunning? It calls to the mother in me. It makes me want to do a victory dance and scream from the top of a mountain that we are woman, we survive all, we nurture all, we give life! I see nothing but strength and beauty in these images. Oh, and an adorable set of children and a supportive spouse.

If you’re swooning over these images and want to love your body more, check out my post on self love: here

Interested in learning more about my Akron family sessions and the packages I offer?Maybe you’re ready for some self love and want to do a boudoir session? Check out my boudoir page here. Looking for something unique that isn’t listed on my site? Don’t be afraid to ask! I’d be happy to set up a customized session just for you.

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  1. Tessa

    April 3rd, 2018 at 6:03 pm

    Thank you so much for this. For all of it. ❤

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