L.EnsmingerPhotography ABOUT ME, MYSELF, and I..

oh, and a little blurb on my second shooter. ;)


Before I choose a vendor, I always look at their Bio.


Well, because it's the only part of the site where you get a feel for the person behind the service. You're here because you're curious about me. And so, I offer you the cliffs notes version of myself.


A mother. A wife. A graduate student. A redhead. An Akronite. A photographer. A ballroom dancer. A Jedi. I'm sarcastic, silly, and a little weird. Okay, a lot weird. I am the owner of two dogs, two cats, a pot-bellied pig and if my daughter has her way, possibly a rat. I think I'm kinda awesome but that's only an opinion (it has yet to be proven as a fact).


My family. My job. My pets. My city. Oreos! Flip-flops. The ocean. Ireland. Photography. Comfy sweatpants. Shopping on Amazon. Doctor Who. Eighties Rock. Driving at warp speed. And coffee. Oh my, how I love coffee.

As for my photography fetish. Well, it's like a drug. I love a good photo. I love taking good pictures, and sharing them with others. I also love taking blackmail photos....so tell your drunk guests to watch themselves! I'm a photojournalist, which means I capture the moments when they happen. I don't force them. I go with the flow. I'm calm under pressure and have ninja-like reflexes. I climb things to get the best picture! Don't worry, remember those ninja-like reflexes? I absolutely love my job. I'm surrounded by families and couples who are celebrating their love for one another. I couldn't ask for a better work environment. Plus, I get cake! All the time!

As far as my vision for your wedding day. It's what you want. You get to call the shots. I mainly "direct traffic" during the time you have allotted specifically for me. Which are normally between the getting ready moments and walking down the aisle, after the kiss and before the introduction at your reception. For the rest of the time, I capture the action as it happens. If you have a list of must-have shots, just make sure I get a copy (pinterest is also super helpful!!), and I will do everything I can to fulfill that list. Other than that, it's just my camera and me telling your unique story.

Interested in meeting up, discussing your wedding and having a cup o' joe? We can do that. Or we can skip the joe and go for tea, doughnuts, beer, ice skating. What ever tickles your fancy. I'm not picky.


Oh, this is what I really look like on the job:


Yes...I do take selfies with my big expensive camera....shhhh don't tell my husband.