Annie and Johnny || A Cleveland Engagement

When a nurse and a fireman get married, how could I not get excited about shooting their wedding? Annie and Johnny are currently two of my favorite people. From the very beginning, I knew we would hit it off. She’s sassy and sweet, he makes the absolute best dad jokes, and they absolutely love our little man, Darwin, so I couldn’t not try my hardest to make this power couple fall in love with not just our work, but us. As it turns out, I just finished a wedding of one of Annie’s coworkers, and I went to college with one of Johnny’s, so it’s a small world after all. Guess what? They decided they loved us, and so we went on to schedule their engagement session.

Annie wanted a fun and romantic feel to her engagement session, and what Annie wants, Johnny does his best to make happen. We went to two locations, Rocky River Park and Johnny’s old Fire Station. It was absolutely perfect! Like, I couldn’t have asked for a better session. Oh, and Darwin came along and loved it as well. It was harder to get Johnny to focus, as he was making googly faces at Bubba half the time, but that is life! Enjoy Annie and Johnny’s session! It’s one for the books.

Oh, and that sunset, oh la la!

Also, stay tuned until the end for a super fun child like antic of Johnny’s!



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