The Joseph Family || A Newborn Lifestyle Session

I love telling the story of how I become a family’s photographer. I remember them all, believe it or not.


Many moons ago
, Heather, Mike and I worked together at a lovely little pasta joint. When I first met these two, they were also strangers. Through mutual friends, and a few weeks of working together, they went from strangers to friends, to dating. Here we are years later, and they are one of the happiest married couples I know. I had the honor of documenting Heather and Mike’s first pregnancy. It’s crazy how fast a bump turns into a crazy two year old. Nora is so big now and Mike spent the majority of the time in my studio chasing her around. Back and forth. There’s something about the open space that gets kids excited.



So, when little Millie made it into the picture, I couldn’t not take pictures of her adorable face. I was so excited they wanted me to capture their new family photography. Just a few days old, she’s one of the more attentive newborns I have photographed. She kept her eyes open the entire time. I couldn’t believe it. Of course, after our session, and a little milk, she fell soundly asleep on her momma.



I absolutely love these images, and not just because I know the story of Heather and Mike’s family, but because of how truly happy this whole family is. I rarely see fathers as patient and doting as Mike is with his little girls. And Heather, well she’s amazing. She’s a full time teacher and was telling me how she planned to go back to work before the end of the school year. So here’s to your sweet family, and your precious little ladies.



Also, have you ever seen two sisters so adorable? My ovaries are about to burst!



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