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northeast ohio wedding choosing a dateChoosing a wedding date can be hard. And choosing one when you’re having a Northeast Ohio wedding can be almost impossible. There are several factors to consider when choosing the absolute best date, and unlike Miss Rhode Island believes, April 25th in Ohio is NOT the perfect date. So here are a few factors to consider from not only a pro in the wedding business, but also from a woman who has tried (and succeeded!) to find the perfect wedding date. More on that below.



Factor One: Weather

We all know that the weather in Ohio is completely unpredictable. We have memes on memes about the weather here, about snow in July and heat waves in December, and then what we affectionately call “Mud Season” but other states would refer to as spring. However, how do you choose a date, and effectively avoid all of the issues I just listed? Well, there’s a reason “Wedding Season” in Ohio is so short. It starts at the end of May, and goes through October. If you are wanting one of the prime wedding dates, you MUST book highly sought after venues at least 18 months in advance, and in some cases 2 years ahead of time. But, if you are willing to brave the possible late snow storms, mud season, or maybe the random hot flashes that is the beginning of winter, then you can book your venue later as you are more willing to choose a date that isn’t prime reality. If you are absolutely okay with random weather on your wedding day, then choose your date all sorts of willy nilly and may the odds be ever in your favor! Otherwise, strategy and patience must be applied. 😉

northeast ohio wedding choosing a date


Factor Two: Popular Days


Since July 7th, 2007 choosing wedding dates that are “good luck” or easy to remember are all the rave. This year’s 8-8-18 booked well over two years ago for me. These dates are very popular, and while I think it would be great to choose one of these for your wedding, just remember there is going to be stiff competition for wedding professionals and venues on these days. If you are choosing one of these trending dates, expect several of your inquiries for services to come back with a disappointing apology as they are previously engaged. While these dates are very popular, I suggest choosing a date that has more significance to you, especially if you are worried about forgetting your anniversary.


Factor Three: Finding Available Vendors

There seems to be more and more wedding professionals flooding the wedding industry in Northeast Ohio lately, but even so, choosing your date will affect finding quality vendors. Some vendors book years in advance, so be prepared to fight for your top picks. If having quality vendors is more important to you than the exact day of your wedding, then I suggest choosing a date that’s at least 18 months away. Not only will you have the pick of wedding professionals to choose from, but you most likely will not run into issues finding a venue you absolutely love.


Factor Four: Avoiding Holidays

The idea of getting married on a holiday weekend may appeal to you. Maybe you have a lot of out of town guests coming in that would enjoy an extra day of relaxation before heading home for work. You’re such a smart cookie, planning your wedding on Memorial Day! Make sure to consider that traffic could be much worse coming in and out of your city. Hotel prices might also be higher than customary for these weekends. I would suggest getting pricing for hotels before settling on one of these dates.

northeast ohio wedding choosing a date


Factor Five: Cleveland “Holidays”

Let’s be realistic here, if you are getting married in Cleveland, then you already know what these holidays are. Anything that involves a home game with the Indians, the Browns or the Cavs. There are also concerts galore at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Please take these into consideration before you choose your wedding date. Traffic gets a little crazy at home games, and you don’t want to be late to your own reception due to being stuck in gridlock traffic from the church to your venue. If you are getting married outside of the big city, still pay attention to any community events that may be occurring close to your venue.


Now, after all of these factors are considered, the truth is it’s your wedding, and your big day. Do what you want. All of the above will not stop you from having the absolute best day, because in the end, you’re marrying your best friend, and it’s already perfect because of that. I hope I’ve given you something to think on. Now go on, choose your wedding date already!


Oh yeah, I promised you the perfect wedding date up above, didn’t I? Yes, I did happen to find it when I was searching for a date, and here it is. August 22nd. But, shhh don’t tell anyone!


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