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Boudoir isn’t cheap, or quick. It’s an investment, in yourself, but also your wallet. This should not be a surprise. BUT, I’m here to help make it easy for women of all budgets to benefit from this life changing experience. Change your opinion on your body, change your life. What? I know, bold quotes. Here, let me explain this better:


Payment Plans – There are three options

I want all ladies, regardless of what they do for a living, to be able to splurge on themselves now and then. Especially when the short term splurge can have long term benefits. So, that’s why I offer three different types of payment plans. Boudoir is an experience, and it’s not cheap, but what luxury is? So, I’ve created a process that makes splitting up your invoice into smaller payments less shocking for some of you.

It’s not that I don’t offer smaller ticket items, but what tends to happen a lot is that during your reveal, after looking at all of your jaw dropping images, and after picking your favorites, you have a hard time just choosing a few. In fact, my ladies end up falling in love with so many, and want more than what their immediate budget allows for.

But that’s okay, because (insert drum roll!) we have payment plans!

So here are the dirty details on our In-House Payment Plan (Two options here, prepayment before your session, or payment after):

  1. $300 minimum down payment: Make sure you are prepared to pay $300 of your invoice the day you come in for your session. This will lock in your product pricing, and get started on your payment plan.
  2. You have control over the payments: Isn’t this great? Okay, I get it, it needs a little more explanation. So long as your payment is made in full within 6 months of your order date (see below for details), I don’t care how you pay for it, or in what increments! I set up monthly payment due dates as well for those who prefer a structured plan.
  3. Extend payments up to 6 months: If your full order is over $1000, you get up to 6 months to pay for the items without any added fees. If your order is under $1000 you have 3 months to make payments in full.
  4. Products arrive shortly after payment in full: This is pretty straight forward, once your items have been paid in full, they are ordered! Yay! If you need products within a certain time period, let me know, we will do our best to decide on a payment plan that works for you.
  5. Discounts for prepayment: One of the great things with our studio, is that you can pre-purchase products. What does that mean? Well if your session is scheduled a few months out, and you know you will want a payment plan, you can start paying on the products you want now! Those funds will be used directly towards your products, and if you pay for your products in full before your session, you get a prepayment discount of 5%. Woohoo! If you’re not sure of what you want, but still want to start pre-payment, we can do that too! This just gives you credit for your reveal that you can apply to your products day off.


So, you see, payment plans are easy to use, and there is no credit check. Which a lot of my ladies love. But, if you would prefer to make payment in full on the day of your reveal, we will gladly accept it. 😉


The Third option is Paypal Credit.

It’s similar to our in-house payment plan, with the main difference being that with Paypal, you receive your products right away. Paypal pays me, so that you get your items immediately, and you make payments to Paypal. It is also interest free for the first 6 months! This one relies on a credit check and if you are approved, you can purchase same day as approval. The thing I like about Paypal Credit, is if you need additional time to pay for your items, you can do that.

I hope this was easy to understand. Sometimes I get a little carried away with explanations. If this helped soothe your concerns about payment and you’re ready to book, head over to my boudoir page and submit a contract form or schedule your session! I promise you will NOT regret it.


Interested in learning more about my Akron boudoir sessions and the packages I offer? Check out my boudoir page here. Looking for something unique that isn’t listed on my site? Don’t be afraid to ask! I’d be happy to set up a customized session just for you.

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