All About Couples Boudoir Sessions

It goes without saying but: I work with relationships of all sorts! And you’d better believe that includes queer, polyamorous, D/S, etc. I’m only able to have such fantastic connection (couples) sessions because of how much prep I do with my clients.

Listen, I know you want to jump right into all the steamy, seggsy photos, but let’s take a moment to talk about what actually goes into a connection session. We will work together to create the photos you’ve been dreaming of through clear communication.

Before Your Session

From the beginning, I make sure we are all clear on our boundaries. We’ll have a consent chat before you come to my studio so we can be sure we’re not crossing any boundaries or tripping any triggers, even accidentally. If you have a question or hesitation, please don’t be afraid to ask! I let you lead the way and tell me what you’re looking for, and then I respond with what I’m comfortable photographing, as well as my hard no’s.


• bodily fluids (spit, blood, urine, mucus, and semen)
• genitalia
• full frontal nudity
• intercourse
• any act of insertion

I do not shoot erotica, and if that’s what you’re after, no worries! I know a few local photographers who do shoot it, and I would be happy to refer you to them. After all, we don’t kink shame in our studio.

Before your session day, I will send prep guides to both you and your partner(s) (masculine or feminine or both, depending on your gender expressions) so no one feels underprepared. I’ll touch base and help you figure out what to wear, and remind you when to make those beauty appointments leading up to your session. I can even reach out to your partner(s) one-on-one to calm any nerves they may be having.

We even offer add-on services, such as a Pre-Session Fitting or Personal Shopping Assistance, so that everyone feels 100% prepared on the day of their session.

The Day Of

When your session day comes, consider us your personal Hype Squad. It’s our job to ease your nerves and make sure you know you’re hot as hell. You and your partner(s) will get star treatment, coffee, snacks, and a makeover! We’ll start with a studio tour, where you’ll pick which sets you want to use. Then it’s time for a little fashion show! Everyone will try on looks and coordinate accessories before their turn in the professional hair and makeup chair.

Then comes the posing.

Expression coaching and posing for all bodies are my specialties. Don’t worry, the posing is all implied – it only looks like things are really steamy. In reality, most clients are laughing and playful between photos. That’s the magic of what I do!

I mean, don’t get me wrong, you’re probably going to get a little amped up too – and who wouldn’t, when you’re half-naked in intimate positions with your partner(s)? But don’t worry, I won’t make it awkward, and I even turn my back every so often so you can sneak in that extra kiss or two. And my golden rule? We never point out or make anyone feel uncomfortable about physical proof of excitement (if you know what I mean). 

After all, your session day is about capturing your connection to your significant other(s).

All in all, the experience is meant to be fun and enjoyable. It’s meant to show off the connection you have with your partner(s), whatever that means to y’all. We love seeing and capturing your silly, sweet, romantic, and steamy moments!

(PS if you and your partner(s) are into kinks, head on over to our Kinks and BDSM blog post to read about our policies and safety measures!)

Ok, that’s enough from me. Onto the MAIN ATTRACTION … the photos themselves! Which genre of connection is truest to your dynamic(s)?

Sweet ❤️

Sultry 🥵

Spicy 🌶️