Inclusivity and what it means to me.

I know, I know, it’s 2021 and we’re still speaking on LGBTQIA+ acceptance. It seems wild to me that there’s still people in this world that feel they have the right to judge anyone based on who they love or how they identify. As a company that thrives on love, scratch that, as a person NAMED Love(yes, it is in fact my government name) I feel it is essential to my being that I don’t pass judgment. I can’t imagine a world where everyone is exactly the same and I don’t want to!

Our studio is a safe space for all clients. It’s where we let YOU explore a different, more intimate, stronger, sexier, maybe freer version of yourself. Without judgement. We have silks and satins, lace and velvet. We also have leather and cuffs, bondage pieces and whips. You choose the direction your session will go; we guide you down the path you prefer. Your comfort and consent (whether it’s as simple as a hair flip, a wardrobe adjustment, or putting you in cuffs for a few images) are extremely important. We ask for your consent several times throughout your experience with us, and also ask you to tell us if you are triggered at all, ever. We go so far as to give you a safe word before we use any constricting props and the same goes for vocabulary. If we use a word, or a gendered term you do not prefer, tell us. We aim to make our entire experience together enjoyable.

LGBTQIA+ friendly, we all know what it means but what does it mean at Gra Intimate Portraiture? Well, it means we’re not judgmental fucks, really. Your sexual and relationship preference typically isn’t anyone’s business. Unless you’re hiring a photographer to specifically showcase those parts of who you are. And if that’s the case, we’re here for it. So, whether you’re a soft butch lesbian, a cross-dressing heterosexual, you’re polyamorous, you’re demi or asexual, trans or gender fluid, or some other combination or label – we’re not going to judge you, look at you funny, or deny you services. In fact, I’ll let you in on a secret: just because I’m (Love) heterosexual and cis-gendered, appearances can be deceiving, because I minored in gender studies and most of my staff are on the rainbow in different ways, and my kids – they’re as rainbow as they come.

We have experience photographing so many different relationship dynamics, different gender presentations, and forms of self-expression. We are accepting. Periodt.
Oh, and here’s the kicker, we treat all our clients to the same uplifting and encouraging, (if not bordering on overly aggressive) non-gender specific cheerleading terminology. So get ready to get your ego boosted sky high and get all around gassed up by my staff and I when it’s time to play dress up, shoot and review your images.