Kara || Akron Luxe Boudoir Session

Kara’s Akron Boudoir Session || Sensual, sexual, and empowering.


Kara came into the studio already a knock-out. But I know she wanted to do this session to solidify her self-worth. Which, believe it or not, is why MOST of my clients come to me. After years of being TOLD what was feminine, or sexy by society, they’re ready to shake up those expectations and find happiness in who they truly are. Which is feminine and sexy! Here are a few of our favorite images with Ms. Kara, and some of her own thoughts about her session with us at Grá Intimate Portraiture.

Akron Luxe Boudoir Session


“I decided to book a session with you because I felt it was time to FINALLY do something for me. I wanted to feel beautiful for ME. I’ve spent most of my life looking for validation from others and I knew this was the chance to see it within myself. I hoped to gain more confidence, growth, and love for myself out of my session and let me tell you, I got all of that and more. 


“Before the session, I was nervous and excited and almost talked myself out of it. During the session, I was a bit unsure of things at first, but after a few shots, I felt that I started embracing myself and all that I am. After the session, I felt so damn good. Seeing the finished products made me realize how hard I have been on myself, but also how much beauty we as women possess and should be damn proud of! 
“My top 3 favorite things that happened during the entire experience would be getting pampered and having a wonderful makeover, stepping out of my comfort zone with wearing specific outfits, and seeing the beauty within myself. If my best friend were to book a session with you, I would  tell her to embrace every part of herself, smile, and realize that she has so much to offer and if she doesn’t see that now, she will once she sees the photos of herself. 



Love’s Note: “It doesn’t really matter to me what pushes you to come into our studio. What we care about, and what our goal ultimately is, is to remind you of the goddess you are. Every day. Just because we’re taught that we should wear one thing, or act a certain way, or be taller, thinner, curvier, with longer lashes, and larger lips, doesn’t mean these ridiculous expectations are realistic. Let me show you the beauty you already possess, in the body you are, without editing modification.”



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