"Love has helped me finish my self-love journey. So much so that I have had 7 sessions, big and small!

With all of my sessions, I love how the session is about ME. I rarely am in the spotlight, and it feels so good to feel like I am sexy and hot. I love the client closet: I want to try on something new every time I go to the studio. My favorite part is seeing the pictures reflect how I see myself in my mind.


To preface, before I even started doing boudoir with Love, I was on a self-love journey. This started at approximately the summer of 2018. Every day I would wake up and look myself in the eyes in the mirror and I would say three nice things myself. It would either be a physical complement, a personality complement, or a mental complement. I would always say them out loud. The catch is, I never allowed myself to say the same complement twice. I did this for about three months. Then I stopped.

During the fall I was having a real bad bout of my depression, and then my PTSD was severely triggered in October. It was so bad that I had to go to daily therapy for three hours a day, five days a week, and sometimes had to do an additional two hours of individual work per week. I did that from October through The beginning of February. That is the time I seriously took to work on myself. Not only my mental self, but my self perception.

I don’t know when I was formally introduced to Love, but my best friend somehow or another got me onto Love’s page. And I said “all right let’s do it.” I was nervous at first, mostly to have my pictures out there for the world to see, but I loved the results so much that I was OK with giving a full release.

I told Love that day that I am working to love my Aphrodite rolls. Even goddesses have tummy rolls, thick thighs, or some kind of body proportions that is not “main stream“.

Doing all of these shoots, including getting nakkie in Cleveland, has helped me get comfortable with my body. Love helped me learn that it wasn’t my tasty muffins that were making me look bad, it was ill-fitting clothes and bad angles.

Not only did loving myself help me be kinder to myself, it has helped me to be kinder to all women. Not that I wasn’t kind before, but I now was more vocal about it. I catch myself correcting my friends, coworkers, and even strangers, when I hear them saying anything that is self-deprecating about their bodies.

And that’s why I love being a part of this community. I have a platform to teach others what I have learned about self-love and self acceptance as much as I can learn from others. "

Miss R -

 "I had my session earlier this year with Love.

I felt really nervous originally. Being a bigger girl my whole life I never felt like I was sexy. My self confidence always suffered. That being said this shoot changed so much for me.

During the shoot I had a blast with Love. We joked around and listened to music. I never felt uncomfortable or judged in fact she embraced my weirdness.

She did the viewing the same day and when I saw the photos I was surprised that it was really me. I had never seen this side of me before and I really Loved it (pun intended).

I gave the pictures to my boyfriend as a gift but I also haven’t forgot how I felt about this session. I have seen my confidence in myself grow and if you are in the fence about doing a session because you think you’re too fat, skinny, old, etc.


You’re not too anything and it’s an experience you won’t forget." 

Miss k -

"I met Love at an event in Canton, and was drawn to her personality. She told me some reasons her girls schedule with her and told me what to expect. I thought I needed some extra self-confidence after getting out of my marriage. So I signed up!

I had my session in November. I LOVED IT!

Of course, at first I was nervous - it's not everyday I take my clothes off for another lady to take my picture!!

Love was super professional and kept the mood light and funny. She gave perfect direction to best flatter my form." 

Miss L -

 "If you would have told me I would have done a session like this a year ago, I would have laughed in your face. I was always a private person when it came to my body and of course, I always struggled with body image issues. When I was added to the group, I was in awe of the beautiful images of the amazing ladies in this group. I wanted to do a session, but I figured I never actually would. Then, I had my son. My body felt and looked so different than it had before. I felt so insecure about it.

Then, Love had a sale. And late one night, I decided I was going to do it. I was going to stop being afraid and take the leap. I booked my session for months later thinking I would have lost some of the baby weight...but I didn't.

But y'all just LOOK at these images! It didn't matter that I still had that mama tummy. From the moment I walked in the door, Love made me feel comfortable. It was relaxed and fun. I love that she asked for consent to be able to touch me or move my body into a certain position before we even started shooting. And even after giving consent, she always told me what she was going to do before she did it.

And during my session, Love made me feel like an absolute goddess! When I left there, I felt like I could take on the world!

It isn't just about the pictures, it's about the experience and how it makes you feel on the INSIDE, not just the outside. It made me realize, I AM sexy, I AM strong, and I SO much to offer the world. It made me realize that I'm done sitting on the sidelines of life, and that I'm going to start doing the things I've always wanted to do, even if doing those things scare me.

I went from hating my body and being ashamed of it, to LOVING my body and all that it can do. I thought, I would be more private when it came to these pictures, but I am SO DAMN PROUD OF THEM, that I will literally show almost anyone that wants to see them.

I have said this before, but I will say it again (and again, and again) if you are on the fence about doing a session, just DO IT! I know you are nervous, and you think YOU can't possibly look that good or you're just too awkward for that, or maybe you think you just don't have anyone to gift the images to. Girl, do it for YOURSELF! I'm married, but I didn't do this for my husband, I did this for ME! I am the most awkward person on the planet and yet, every. Single. Image was stunning! Just go in, trust Love, be yourself, and rock the hell out of your session!" 

Miss D -

 "When I did my first session with Love, I was really struggling with a feeling of lost connection with myself. With various stressors in my life over the past few years, I had stopped making myself a priority. This was having a bit of a cyclical impact across my various relationships - with my job, with my partner, with myself - all of them slowly suffering because I was having a hard time loving myself.

When I saw that Love had a sale for a mini session, I thought it would be a good way to add onto my slowly building journey for self-love. I was incredibly nervous, but Love and the make up artist made me feel so at ease, that within minutes of getting changed, I was walking around mostly naked like it was. This was especially impressive because I am nervous and awkward when being photographed with my clothes on.

Since then I have done 2 more sessions - 1 mini and 1 full - and all three have left me on a high for months. It has given me a subtle feeling that has carried me and lifted me up - I am bad ass, I am sexy, I am beautiful. This has helped me deal with some of my past traumas and has helped feed into more self-care and self-love, positively impacting all aspects of my life.

If you've even once considered doing a boudoir shoot with Love, please, stop and do it now. NOW. Don't wait until your body changes, or "the time is right". Now is the time, and Love is your girl. One last recommendation - do it for yourself, not for someone else. Yes, of course, you can and should share your fabulous images with whomever you choose, but treat this as an investment into yourself, and the bad ass woman that you are. Because you deserve it."

Miss L -

"I decided to book a session with Love as a way to boost my own confidence. I had just lost about 100 pounds or so, was feeling alien in my body, and still had the ”fat girl” mindset for myself.

I didn't do the pictures for anyone but me. And wow, the experience was amazing.

I was super nervous going into the shoot, felt a little awkward during (just because for the last twenty years I have absolutely hated pictures of myself), but Love worked with me, and by the end I didn't feel awkward and actually kind of enjoyed it!

When we did the reveal after the session, I was absolutely blown away. Who was this freaking hot girl in these photos?! It was like staring at a sexy stranger!! It wasn't until I got my book that it really hit me. Flipping through the pages, looking at this amazing creature. I had to tell myself a few times ”hey... This is me! I am this sexy siren on these pages!!”

I flip through my book on my bad days to squash the fat girl brain and to remind myself that I am a sexy, beautiful woman! And I owe all this amazing confidence that I've gained to Love. I will be eternally grateful for the gift she has given me." 

Miss N -

"For my first session with Love I had just returned from my honeymoon and I was perfectly tanned and toned, waxed and manicured, I was so excited and felt ready to try something new. The album was a Christmas present for my brand new husband.

I was slightly terrified at the thought of photos in my underwear because I’m fairly conservative with the way I dress (I can’t wear short skirts or belly shirts without feeling massively uncomfortable) but I had worked with Love only 2 weeks prior when she shot our (GORGEOUS) wedding photos so I knew she would help me rock my session! It was amazing! During my reveal I had such a hard time narrowing down my images I paid extra to get more pages!

I was so excited and felt so great that when her Black Friday sales released last year I immediately booked another session for September for a first anniversary gift for my hubby.

As our first year of marriage swiftly went by, I gained about 30 lbs and kept telling myself I would start toning up before my session.... suddenly my session was 5 days away! I had yet to work out once. I hadn’t shaved my legs in over a month, I was ghostly pale because I work night shift and basically never see the sun and I had no outfits the wear for my shoot. I FREAKED OUT!! Almost cancelled my Sunday session on the Thursday before because I was such a hot mess.

I showed up Sunday after getting basically zero sleep. Immediately Love gave me a huge hug and we talked about all the people in my life that she also knows and loves. I felt better instantly. Love has such a calming presence and cool vibe around her and in the studio.

We played dress up with tons of outfits from the client closet and I felt just as confident in myself after getting my hair and makeup done as I did in the first session I had! As soon as the camera started clicking I forgot all about how tired I was and how gross my fingernails were and I felt like a bad ass.

I even did a few shots topless and in the shower setup, where I wouldn’t have even thought about implied topless during my first shoot! During my reveal I realized that you can’t even tell I had gained weight between my two sessions, I still looked [email protected]&$ing hot as hell!! I gained so much confidence in my new body with my second session and it was such an amazing experience both times."

Miss A -

 "I made the decision to book with Love on my 35th birthday but didn’t follow through with the commitment until late December. I booked for lots of different reasons! I was 35. I was making a promise to love myself. I was coaching a Girls on the Run team and wanted to have confidence in myself if I was telling young girls to do the same. I did it for myself.

Honestly, when I booked, I wasn’t sure I was going to even purchase any products—I just wanted to feel empowered. I bugged Love for months about what I should wear, what would look good with what...but I oddly never felt nervous. So much so, that when I got there, I told her I’d get as naked as she wanted me to get (so happy I said that, too!!)!

If you know me, I’m an awkward turtle, so I never expected my pictures to turn out the way they did!

During my reveal, I honestly couldn’t believe I was looking at myself and took forever deciding on pictures (I loved basically all of them—Love is phenomenal at making you feel relaxed and looking like a damn bombshell).

The ugliest thing someone has ever said to me is “you’d be so much more pretty if you were skinny,” and I kinda want to name my album that as a giant middle finger, because holy shit I’m beautiful! That’s what these sessions do...they bring out your inner warrior sex goddess and that feeling..that glow..doesn’t go away."

Miss C -

 "I never thought I would consider doing a boudoir shoot, like ever. My family never had good things to say about photography like this, they still don’t know I did a shoot. A friend had shared some pictures, and good grief was I hooked on the artistry Love does. When I booked my session I almost cried. But thank goodness I didn’t have much time to overthink what I’d gotten myself into!

My body mindset hasn’t been the best in a few years. In 2011 I shattered both my ankles. I lost myself, I was a dancer, and with the damage I'd never dance again. I’m lucky I can even walk. Even now, my legs are different sizes, and I hate that. I’ve gained weight that I haven’t been able to get/keep off because of my physical disabilities now. It’s just snowballed so much, on top of insecurities I’ve had for years. Even at my lowest body fat percentage I’m stuck wearing a size 8-10 in pants, yeah, I’ve got hips.
So, yeah. I get there for my shoot, with the few "sexy" pieces I have and some random pieces I pulled from my costuming closet (yes I have a closet for costumes). And my gosh, Love and her studio are just so welcoming. I immediately felt more at ease!

Also, total nerd over here. Totally bonded over the corset dress I brought from the closet. That definitely helped. Just hang out some, laugh. Then I got to see the client closet. My word, so many pieces! We picked out a couple things to try on, and didn’t get past the first!

Love is amazingly supportive, and makes you comfortable in your own skin. Literally. Brought the family tartan as an option, but didn’t expect to do the pics we did at all! For the first time in a while I appreciated my body. And gosh darn does Love make art! Definitely sat in my reveal and wondered, who is that chick, because I could hardly recognize myself.

Now to just save up so I can do more shoots because dang I need more!" 

Miss k -

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