Megan & Jacob || Akron Luxe Couples Boudoir Session

I LOVED shooting this couples boudoir session.

There was some serious chemistry between real life couple, Megan and Jacob.

I mean, take a peek at the photos and Megan’s thoughts on the session…you’ll see what I mean!


Couple on sofa


Why did you choose Gra Photography Boudoir for this experience?

I have thought about doing a shoot for a while. I looked up different boudoir photographers in the area and looked at their reviews as well as their work. I liked the Gra website and found the Facebook group. I just loved the energy and what Gra Boudoir Photography stood for. Also, the pictures looked great.

What was your favorite part of your session with Love?

Love just makes you feel so comfortable. It’s a little awkward at first being all exposed in front of a stranger. But after that initial awkwardness things just start to flow. Love made it easy for me to just let go, be myself, and have fun.

How did you feel being pampered by our professional makeup artist?

It’s always nice to be a little pampered. I don’t wear a lot of makeup and don’t know much about makeup. So I wasn’t sure if I was going to like being all done up. However, my hair and makeup turned out great and I felt beautiful.

Were you nervous about your shoot?

I was very nervous. I had never done anything like this before. My body isn’t perfect – whose is? I have insecurities and things I don’t like about my body. It’s hard to get past those insecurities and let a stranger capture you on film. I was also doing a couples shoot and was very nervous about what to wear, how posing was going to work, and how awkward I was going to feel!

Woman in jeans with man

Tell me about your experience during the session. What did you love, what was helpful, what could we do better in the future?

I had a great experience. Everything start to finish was awesome. I felt comfortable and at ease during my session. I felt sexy and empowered. The reveal was great. Getting to see the images the same day was fun.

What have you taken away from this experience?

I am beautiful. I am sexy. I am powerful. I have flaws. I am strong. I am a woman! This whole experience made me look at myself in a different way. I have to stop body shaming myself and learn to love my body the way it is. This was a great way to do that!

If you ordered products, did they meet your expectations? 

Yes! The products are well worth it!

Would you recommend a boudoir session with Love to your friends? Why or why not? 

Definitely! Everyone struggles with confidence and body issues at times. This experience and the pictures are a way to love yourself.  Everyone should love themselves and the body they’re in!

Is this an experience you would do again? 

Absolutely! I did a couples shoot and would love to do a shoot with just me.

Now, when people ask you if you’re a badass babe, how will you respond?!?

     Hell Yes!

Thank you Megan and Jacob for being so kick ass and open during this shoot – you guys are amazing!

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