Myriam || An Intimate Boudoir Session with Witchy Vibes

Myriam’s Akron Boudoir Session || Witchy, Bitchy and All About What Feels Good

I knew from the moment Myriam booked her session we were going to be fabulous friends. She wanted a boudoir session that was “full of goth, witch vibes. To celebrate my body.” Immediately I thought of this Outdoor Witchy Session from a few years ago. But, since her session was in the middle of the winter, I knew I’d have to figure something else out.

When she showed up for her session in an oversized cotton pullover dress, and started pulling out her wardrobe looks, I knew we were going in a direction to mix and match and put on display the MANY diverse sides that made Myriam. From leather and chains, to witchy sage and vampire teeth, to soft and seductive nude art, we captured it all. I don’t ever want to box my clients in to one specific look, and that’s why you get to choose 4 when you schedule your boudoir session with me. So we had plenty enough time, and studio sets to capture each unique facet of Myriam’s personality.


Don’t take my word for it, check out the photos below.

Oh, and in case you forgot what kind of photographer I am, NSFW warning: there are noods! And not of the Ramen variety.



I had my shoot with Love, and let me just say that words cannot express how much fun I had! Not once did I feel like my needs as the client weren’t being met and I was treated with such love and respect. I absolutely recommend that if you haven’t had a shoot yet, you should! You won’t regret that feeling of seeing yourself as the beautiful individual that you are 🖤🖤

– Myriam


Y’all I forgot how much I loved this body stocking she brought. I’m not always a fan of them, but this one’s simplicity had my drooling. When we paired it with her body harness I about swooned! This is what an empowering body love session is about. You owning your sexuality, and me capturing it.

So, what do we think? Did she slay her session? Is this something you would do for yourself? Which look was your favorite?

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