New Boudoir Studio, Who Dis?

New year, new studio.

Are you ever curious about the behind the scenes at Gra Intimate Portraiture? (Lucky you – I have a whole Instagram highlight reel for BTS- check it out!)

To be honest, there’s a lot that goes into making my studio the perfect backdrop for your boudoir session.

It’s all about the mood, the vision and the style of my photography.

If you’ve been to my studio recently, you’ll remember it looked a little like this:













Now don’t get me wrong – I loved the bed set up, but I felt like I needed to create a duality in my studio. A little bit moodier and darker…but still with the ability to have the light and ethereal set up as well.

Oh, and if you haven’t been following along in our Facebook group, I also was dying to have a fake shower set up in the studio for some steamy shots. All done by yours truly.

So, here’s a few in-progress shots while I was recreating my studio space with really 3 mini studios in one.

Building the pallet wall for a moody backdrop and to wall off my shower set up



In addition to the wall and the shower, I wanted to simplify the bed set up so that it was easier to navigate when shooting and not have the bed frame in the way.

So, I decided to make a darker, lush area with a gorgeous tapestry to act as a counterpart for the lighter side of the studio.



And girl, it’s moody and awesome.














Do you see that shower set up on the left? I created a “fake shower” in my studio with the help of a sliding glass door and tiled walls on the sides. I can’t wait to take shots through the glass and add a whole new layer to the boudoir experience.

I’m doing shower teasers early next week and seriously can’t wait to test out the new set up!



The result?

This amazingness.

Shower and Sexy Pillows – what more is there in life?

Come hang out with me in my new studio set up!

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