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choose Love Gwaltney and grá Intimate Portraiture?

Real Client Testimonials

"Stop what you're doing, and book a couples session with Love, RIGHT NOW! I promise you're going to have a hard time not showing everyone your pictures when she is done with you! This experience truly is everything you never knew you needed in your relationship!"

- Sam & Rob

- Amanda

"Love and her team are fantastic. Warm, inclusive and super professional, but also a blast to work with! I am so excited to see my final images...Love's talent is incredible."

- Augusta

"Though I easily see other people's beauty regardless of traditional beauty standards. I struggled with seeing my own. Love and her tiny hype squad gave me the ability to view myself in a completely different, beautiful, loving way. I have never felt as beautiful as I did on my session day. If you can relate to any of this, you need to contact her!!"

- Leslie

"Love and Rachel made me feel like a queen. I’ve never experienced women lifting each other up like that before. And my pictures blew me away. I felt beautiful and sexy for the first time in a long time. And that realization that I am beautiful, sexy, and strong has stayed with me since my session. I am forever grateful to Love for helping me get my power back! "

The photographer and bad ass business owner here at Grá Intimate Portraiture. I'm a feminist, a mom, and  an all-around quirky gal. 

The photographer and bad ass business owner here at Grá Intimate Portraiture. I'm a feminist, a mom, and  an all-around quirky gal. 

I used to think I was as sexy as a wet Pomeranian in my daily life. I would look in the mirror and think, eh, I'm "settle cute". Then one day, when I was fucking fed-up with how mean I was to myself, I decided to put my money where my mouth was. I finally took those self portraits I kept putting off.

When I saw my images, I was amazed! I was transformed from meh to hell yeah! That session really helped me open my eyes to the woman that I am. The woman I couldn't see because of social standards, bad mirror angles and self-doubt. I give that woman a salute, because she's living her best life. And that's what I want to do for every woman. EVERYWHERE.

I'm Love.

Plus, we get to say a big "Fuck You" to beauty standards, and redefine what sexy really is.

Sexy is so much more than a outfit you put on, or a good hair day. It's not a specific size or shape. Sexy is a state of mind. Sexy can be found in stilettos and in sweat pants. And that's what these sessions are for, to help you find your sexy. To shake you up a little bit, to get you out of your comfort zone and to reveal a side of you that you may have thought long dead.

Sexy is powerful.

Sexy is loving yourself just the way you are.

           hotographing humans is an   
           essential part of who I am. It is
     important to me to show my clients
     exactly how stunning they truly are.






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average age of my boudoir clients 

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I'd Love to have a session but I don't have the confidence to book!

NEVER! Hair and Makeup are provided as part of the session fee. Natural may be your everyday look, but in the studio, makeup is Queen. If you're not used to wearing makeup, don't worry! Our hairstylist and makeup artists are all professionally trained, and know how to apply makeup without causing you to not look like "you".  They work with your bone structure to find the best look for you. We don't 'one size fits all' here.

We have a 4600 sq ft beautiful, PRIVATE studio space located in Downtown Akron, Ohio. We do not travel. Our boudoir experience lasts from 9am - 3:30pm, so you have time to get home before the partner/kids if necessary. 

So many of our clients come into the studio nervous, never thinking they'd have the confidence to have a session like this. You don't need to HAVE CONFIDENCE, that's what these sessions GIVE YOU. At the end of the day, after your experience, when you look at your sneak peek, you'll realize that the person you are deserves the be more confident. 

Plus, we're your personal hype squad. We're here to remind you of the badass bish you are!

Um YES! This is one of my favorite parts of new client sessions. The first hour you are with us in the studio we play dress up. Our client closet has over 600 boudoir looks, from modest to XXX rated, sizes from XXS-6XL. There is guaranteed to be several items you LOVE. 

Client closet not your thing? That's okay, part of our prep guide includes  information on where and how to shop for lingerie that fits your body.

Do clients do their own makeup, or do you have a stylist?

I have no idea what to wear or where to purchase it from, can you help me?

where would the session take place?



Send me a note, I'm really friendly!

Send me a note,
I'm really friendly!