the process

'd love to say the process is quick and easy, but that would be a lie. The easy part is true, but it's a full day luxury experience in our studio. 

Don't worry, we would never leave you in the dark. Even before the day of your session we've touched base a few times through email and prep guides. By the end of your session, we're going to best gal pals.

Step one is making the leap. You want to do this. You ARE GOING to do this. That's awesome. Once you've made the commitment to book your date, you'll fill out the contract, and pay the session fee.


s t e p  o n e

s t e p  T w o

There are a series of emails we will be sending out starting 6 weeks before your session. You'll receive a guide that will walk you through what to expect during your session. How to choose lingerie, how to prep your body: what to do, and especially what NOT to do - including spray tans! You'll get information about products we offer and payment plans we accept.

We'll schedule a studio walk through about a month before your session so that you can get a feel for the space, try on lingerie and browse our luxury products. I find that my clients who have done a studio walk through feel more comfortable the day of their session.  

It's all there for you so you are 100% ready for your day of luxury.

S T E P  T H R E E

You'll be pampered with professional hair and makeup and yummy coffee. Then we'll start the session, working together to create the vision you are looking for. Whether that's defining your brand of femininity, slaying like Beyonce, or owning what you were born with like Lizzo.

The session is 100% about you, and we're your personal cheerleaders.

n the day of your session, we'll play dress up with what you've brought and try on items from my client closet if you desire.  

            n the day of your session,
            we'll play dress up with
            what you've brought and
            try on items from my
client closet if you desire.  


s t e p  F O U R

After your session, you'll get a break to relax and reset before viewing your images same day at your reveal. You'll get to customize your products by choosing your favorite images and pairing them with our luxurious materials.

The entire experience lasts 6 hours, from getting ready through your reveal. With your session fee, you receive hair and makeup, access to the client closet, styling guides, prep emails, and more! During your session, I will pose you from the tips of your toes to the top of your head, your hands, hair and even your expression will be guided.

f i n a l  s t e p

Sessions begin at 10 AM on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. Weekend appointments are offered with a convenience fee. Remember to come prepared to pay in full for your products the day of your session. We accept Paypal Credit, Square Installments, or you can take advantage of our Boudie Bank and make payments before your session straight from your bank account.


Our studio is located at 60 S. Maple Street in the Historic District of Downtown Akron. 

The yellow brick building is the Old No. 3, originally a firehouse built in 1904. It was restored and turned into commercial suites in 2006, and is home to the Spotted Owl (perfect for some after work cocktails) and Structura (a local Akron architect firm).

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