Youth ≠ Beauty: Boudoir Over 40

It took me a long time to truly realize that our worth as women is not defined by our beauty – or our age. Society is obsessed with the idea of youth. We are bombarded daily with advertisements for products and programs promising to erase our wrinkles, hide the gray hairs, bring back our youthful glow, tighten up our bodies to pre-baby status … When the message coming at you 24/7 is that youth = beauty and beauty = worth, it’s hard not to buy into that belief.

Add to that the generation trauma of being taught that women are on this earth just to take care of their home, their babies, and their husbands (again, while looking like a pretty, young decoration), it’s no wonder women over 40 often experience depression and an identity crisis.

I’m calling bullshit.

We don’t stop being important just because we’ve taken our 40th trip around the sun. We don’t stop being beautiful because our bodies look different than they did in high school. It’s a lie we’ve been fed our entire lives.

I can promise you this: there is more to life.

I have had dozens of boudoir clients who are 40 or older. In many ways, they are some of my favorite sessions, because my clients walk away with a new sense of self, having reclaimed their beauty and identity.

It’s why I started my Fab Over 40 Project.

But enough from me. I’ll let my over-40 beauties tell you about the experience in their own words!

I forgot that I actually counted too!

Coming in to see Love and her fab crew of women couldn’t have happened at a much more needed time.  I was struggling with some life changes personally and during the process, I needed to find again who I was.  The session with Gra was to show myself I was brave, proud, and that I truly loved ME. I had forgotten that I was a woman with needs and desires. I was so deep into being a wife, mother and community member that I forgot that I actually counted too!  The education that Love and her hype crew give is priceless. Also their knowledge of what fits each body type was life-changing!  The first session with the crew at 42 yrs old was absolutely what I needed!  It put me back in place!  Showing myself what I was made of – I count! Find your voice!  Speak up! Love yourself!  Keep going, girl!  Two more sessions later – 🔥

I knew I would never be the same woman that walked in.

“61 yrs old. What am I thinking? What did I just do? They’re gonna laugh at my wrinkly old self trying to be something she’s not…”

But as soon as I stepped through the door of the studio, a calmness replaced my worries. By the time I left the studio that day, I knew I would never be the same woman that walked in. It was worth every second and every penny I spent. Love was able to capture me in a way that I could not have imagined until I saw it myself. I thought I was too old walking into my session and left feeling that age is just a number. I’ve had two sessions so far and am planning for my third!

You’re never too old and it’s never too late.

My last memory of myself was how I looked in our boudoir images.

My original reason for doing a boudoir session was a Valentine’s gift for myself and my partner! I am so grateful that I did have that experience because I was feeling so wonderful and beautiful and authentically me. Shortly after the session, I began to lose my eyesight and I am now legally blind. I am unable to see what I look like anymore. I am super happy that my last memory of myself was how I looked in our beautiful sexy boudoir session with Love!

I needed to do something for myself!

After having a very rough few years, from an abusive relationship to my fiancé dying, I needed to do something for myself!  I debated waiting to lose the weight I wanted to get to my ideal weight [before booking my session] but I decided I needed the motivation to get there. Love and Rachel were amazing and made me feel so powerful and like I could do it!  I’m still on the weight loss journey but I’m happy with where I am currently and I thank my session immensely for this body positivity I feel!  

As I inch closer and closer to my 40th birthday, I’m actually getting excited. Yeah, I’m getting older. But I’m also getting wiser.

Wiser to the idea that I am worthy just the way I am.
Wiser to the marketing ploys that try to make me feel unattractive.
Wiser to the fact that NO ONE’S OPINION matters about the way I look, but my own.

I’m excited to join the over 40 club. I’m just getting into the best part of my life!!!

If you’re interested in our Fab Over 40 Project, follow that link to learn more about what the project is for and how to become a part of it.