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Boudoir model calls are fun for me. I get to try out new poses and lighting techniques. Most of the time I work with new clients that I have never had the chance to engage with. And then I get women in that are rediscovering themselves. Who are trying their hardest to remember who they are, where they have come from, what they feel about themselves. So we strip away the layers (physically), and we become vulnerable with one another.


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I photograph these women after hardships, or in celebration. One thing that always stays the same, is that when we’re finished, once the makeup has been washed off, and the clothes put back on, they are being their most vulnerable. When they sit with me, in my open room, and look at the images we just created, they are raw. They are seeing themselves as they never have before. This is my favorite part of the boudoir experience.


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When my clients finally see what others have seen all along. The sensual poses, the killer smiles, the bedroom eyes, and the slopes and curves that make each of us unique. They’re seeing these moments of sexual movement froze in time. They are viewing their bodies the way they have always meant to be viewed. Not through the filter of poor lighting in a dressing room, or in front of the mirror before a shower, straight on, where flaws are all we’re looking for. No, these images show the real woman. The true you.

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Sometimes there are tears and exclamations of excitement, and other times clients are completely quiet, they’re so shocked by what they see. My ladies leave my boudoir studio a new woman, a better woman, and that is my why.


cleveland boudoir photography


Are you ready to strip off the layers of social expectations on your body and view who you truly are?

Interested in learning more about my Akron boudoir sessions and the packages I offer? Check out my boudoir page here. Looking for something unique that isn’t listed on my site? Don’t be afraid to ask! I’d be happy to set up a customized session just for you.

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