The Client Closet || Some of Our Favorite Pieces

Gra Intimates || Client Closet

Our Akron Luxe Boudoir Studio Sessions come with A LOT of perks: professional hair and make up, a catered lunch, expression and pose coaching.


The most popular of these perks is the Client Closet. With over 400 looks in our closet, ranging from sizes XS to 6X, there is something for everyone. Tall torsos, short torsos, large bums, small chests, regardless of your body type, you’re going to find something in our closet that will make you feel stunning. With everything from oversized off the shoulder t-shirts to leather harnesses, your taste (or possibly even your comfort zone) will be accommodated.

So, here are a few of our favorite (and client favorite) pieces. From sweet, to spicy.


Oversized T-shirt and Comfy Panties

Want to start your session in something you can “warm up” in? Awesome! Let’s go the oversized Tee or Sweater route! They are classy and sexy at the same time.


Velvet Teddies and Two Pieces

These pieces are great for covering tummies (which is totally up to you, we love all your parts!), and adding texture to your wardrobe.


Shiny Materials

Are you a bit of a raccoon? Do you like things that go bling? So do we. We have silks, shiny vinyl and rhinestones. Take your pick!

Strappy Pieces

Just because it’s strappy, doesn’t mean it’s black or leather. We have a few strappy pieces (and don’t worry, we’ll help you figure out where the front is) that aren’t black, leather or vinyl. We also have quite a few that are black, leather and vinyl. So, you pick. <3


Black and Strappy looks good on all bodies!!!




Yes, that’s how I feel about fishnets. I love them. I have soooo many pairs in the studio. I feel like they can take an okay outfit and turn it into something amazing. Whether you decide to match it with a crop top, a strappy piece, just a bra or  even topless, they’re absolutely va-va-voom!


White Sheets and Fine Art Nudes:

Okay, I know, this TECHNICALLY isn’t a client closet item. But it is something I have in my studio…so I’m gonna count it.

Same with just the skin you’re in. Clients tell me all the time, that they may want to do some topless, or implied nudes but they’re not sure. So I let them know at the beginning of the session that I’m going to touch back at the end and see how they feel about those implied nudes/topless/full nudes before I wrap up our session. I’d have to say 80% of my clients decide to do it. Mostly because they’ve gotten comfortable with me, and the way I respect their body and boundaries. My suggestion to all of you thinking about a session, or who have a session booked: Don’t take fine art nudes off the table. Even if you have a bad relationship with your naked body. Because what I see, what your partner sees, what the world sees, is VERY, VERY different from what you perceive yourself as. Check out these lovely examples:


What’s your favorite look? I love them all equally, but if I had to choose, I’d probably say fine art nudes. They’re just so <insert chef’s kiss here>.

And remember, if you’re not local to us, and you’re travelling to us for your session, the client closet is here for you to take advantage of. Don’t feel like you have to come with all 5 “looks” for your session day. One or Two is plenty. We’ll for sure find something for you in our closet.


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