Danielle || Akron Luxe Boudoir Session

Danielle came all the way from Indiana and was a rock star at her boudoir shoot!

From this babe to my blog, here’s what she had to say about her experience:


Why did you choose Gra Photography Boudoir for this experience?

This was my first experience with boudoir although wanting to do it for a long time. However, I never felt comfortable doing it “just for me.” I always thought I would only do it as a gift or a surprise for someone I loved. But then I realized, I needed to love myself too! I loved being a part of the online Facebook community of women that empower and uplift each other. It’s such a safe space and really motivated me to do something for me.

What was your favorite part of your session?
I loved how laid back it was. It never felt awkward or weird. Love made me feel so comfortable and like I was really at home in her studio. The studio is so beautiful and I really enjoyed how fluid and easy it was.
How did you feel being pampered by our professional makeup artist?
I did my own hair and make up!
Were you nervous about your shoot?
I was super nervous! But it was so fun to get ready for it! I loved shopping for lingerie, something I’ve never done. I went out on a limb and purchased things I had seen people wear in her shoots but would probably NEVER pick for myself because of my body type. I absolutely loved the confidence in getting ready, telling my spray tan girl and Brazilian wax girl what I was getting ready for, and being able to have an excuse to take care of me!
Tell me about your experience during the session. What did you love, what was helpful, what could we do better in the future?
I was surprisingly SO comfortable. I have no idea what poses to do or what to do with my face. Love jumped right in and positioned me in ways that really complimented my assets and body type. Some of these I would have never thought would look good with my body type but she is so amazing at what she does and makes you feel like a queen the whole time you’re in her studio.
What have you taken away from this experience?
That I don’t need an excuse to take care of ME first sometimes!
If you ordered products, did they meet your expectations?
I ordered the 8×8 book and I absolutely love it! It sits on my nightstand and looks so innocent but is so, so good.
Would you recommend a boudoir session with Love to your friends? Why or why not? 
Yes! Absolutely! I walked out of the studio that day with a new pep in my step. It was so exciting and I can’t wait to do it again!
Is this an experience you would do again? 
Yes! I have another shoot booked in May and look forward to many more!
Now, when people ask you if you’re a badass babe, what will you respond?!?
They don’t have to ask – because my confidence radiates through everything I do! My self esteem has grown so much.
Is there anything else you would like to add about any part of the experience?
Love is the best! I highly recommend her and her services. She is an amazing person, down to earth, comforting, and impressive in what she does. I am so thankful to have found her, her biz, and the community of supportive women she has created.

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