Kink Shame? Nah, Kink SAME.

Kinks are allowed.


At Gra Photography we don’t judge. We don’t pry (except maybe when we pry your fine ass outta your shell).      We strive to provide a safe, fun environment for people (or couples) to express their passion. Kinks are allowed. Hell, they’re encouraged! Whether you’re wanting to test the waters and try something new or have a dedicated lifestyle you want to capture. We welcome you with open arms, but we do have guidelines. Keep reading to learn about what we will and will not photograph.

So my rules are 100% based around safety, cleanliness and comfort and are as follows:

-NO genitalia

-NO mucus

-NO bodily fluids

-NO holes

-NO exotic animals (not even your pets, sorry)

-NO guns (not even stage props).

-If you want shibari/rigging in your session, I will provide a professional rigger (as a non-negotiable additional fee). I will NOT do it myself or allow you to provide your own.

-If it’s a kink I haven’t photographed before, I need literature about it, or information on what’s important to the kink and what exactly the kink entails.

We have a variety of lightweight kink gear in our studio, great to get your toes wet and try on a new look. Or you can feel free to bring in something special of your own and let your inner sub/dom shine through.


Your dynamic wants to be documented.


Your partner a fan of your pretty toes? I’d love to take photos of your feet, no problem.


We got whips for days and we got cuffs for weeks babe.


Speaking of wips, if whips and chains excite you, we’ve got some on hand, as well as riding crops and some harnesses too.

In conclusion, please, don’t hesitate to shoot me an email with your “special preferences” and we’ll see if we can’t make some magic happen.


Ready for your session?

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Check out our FAQs for any other questions you may have.