Male Boudoir || My New Adventure

So, last week on the blog I talked about body positivity and loving every single inch of yourself.

That post was mainly geared towards women and society’s unrealistic views of what a woman SHOULD look like. The same could be said about men.

Men need to be BIG and STRONG and perfectly chiseled – according to the media. The perfect arms, thin enough, muscular enough…enough of enough. 

I decided I wanted to do a series on male boudoir to not only expand my gallery and it’s diversity, but to explore a different side of boudoir and really exemplify the inclusivity of body positive boudoir.

Enter Male Boudoir.

I would be lying if I said that my first male boudoir shoot wasn’t outside of my comfort zone. It was outside the comfort zone for both my model and me.


I wasn’t aiming for a traditional “burly man – flex your muscles – grrrr” kind of shoot. I wanted my model to show the more vulnerable side and explore poses in the same way my girls do. Which is hard. Men have been conditioned to NOT share this side of themselves. That emotions and vulnerability make men weak. Unlike my ladies, who have been taught to be sexual and sensual and to share emotion from childhood, men have been socialized to hide all of their emotion, to compress it, bury it, and catch that shit on fire, then do a movie exit and walk away like Jason Statham, leather jacket over their shoulder, never once looking back.

Being vulnerable is hella scary for my male clients.

But it doesn’t make you weak. In fact, I think sharing vulnerability makes our men strong. I ask A LOT out of my male clients. I ask them to open up and share a side of themselves that they may or may not have ever done. When I shared these images in my ladies-only boudoir group, I got a resounding yes, and a lot of “I wish my husband/partner/bf would do one of these sessions for me. 

So, how do I achieve this type of photography? We do a LOT of talking. We talk about funny experiences my clients have had. We talk about a moment that changed them. A moment that they felt true love, whether they got away, or the moment they decided they were “the one”. We mix up the lighthearted talk with the serious conversations. While we do this, there’s some posing, and some shutter clicking from me. Before you know it, the session is over. And you’ve gotten some amazing photos out of the time we’ve spent together.

These will be images my clients will cherish for the rest of their lives. Because, just like my female clients, our bodies are ever changing. Just think how much you will cherish these when you’ve reached your 80’s.

In my first male boudoir shoot, I gave my model a real workout. He was stretching his torso, engaging his back and arms, and arching like the best of them. I’m sure he wasn’t expecting it to be so physical.

I do have some of my favorite tips on how to prep for a boudoir shoot both mentally and physically in a previous blog post. No matter the physical shape you’re in, you should definitely still HYDRATE and STRETCH to make sure you’re in your best shape and state of mind to get some killer shots.

And remember, male boudoir is for all bodies. You don’t have to have washboard abs, or a beard that shows off the amount of testosterone flowing in your veins. There are no two identical bodies, and yours is just as valid as anyone else’s. In fact, I have found men have the same amount of body dysphoria as women. If not more. Let me help you love the skin you are in.

Now, the real question – gotta guy who wants to do boudoir? 


Show him these shots and send him my way. I would love to shoot him and give him the full experience. Male boudoir is a kick ass way for a man to explore his vulnerability and masculinity all at the same time.

If he’s not ready for a full on solo session, you could always have a hot couples session to get him comfortable. They’re my favorite to shoot! (see some hot shots in my Masculine gallery)

I’m loving exploring this new avenue of boudoir for me – stay tuned for more male shoots in the future!

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